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Worst case scenario. Wonderful system you have there Mr. Stern.

Yes, the WWL's website drives me crazy most of the time, but still, it's nice to see your name in lights, no?


Thanks for the linkage True Hoop.

Big Al hurt in practice, may sit out the last nine games of the season. Eff you Milwaukee!

BTW, have you looked at Big Al's stats recently? Tell me he doesn't deserve Most Improved Player.


Do yourself a favor and take 4 minutes out of your day and watch the above video of this weekend's D2 Championship game. What an awesome ending. I love the way they run around the court at the end. Best! Thanks to Peabs for the heads up. He was actually in attendance!

Also, not sure you caught this late Friday, but the leafblower earned its first ever link over at (sixth item). Pretty sweet.

Sigh. I just watched last night's UCLA v. Kansas game on my DVR. Stupid Jayhawks. Hey Bill Self, whatever you do don't switch out of the ball/screen offense, because that's working so well. I had them winning it all, so there go my brackets.

I'm going to watch today's games in real time. Until then I'll be editing down the 1,000+ photos I took over the weekend. I saw five bands and have an abundance of visual evidence to prove it. Full report tomorrow but you can get a sneak peek below and also over at Flickr.


Also, just threw on the new Neil Young, Live at Massey Hall disc. It's pretty great. Especially on a sunny Sunday morning.

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