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Spinner Front Page What do you do when you're swamped at work and just back from a three day music festival? Milk last weekend for all its worth. Pictured above is my photo on the home page of AOL's music site Spinner. Pretty Awesome. You can check out my ACL photos on Spinner here. My photos are slides 2-50. Many thanks to the fine folk over at AOL/Spinner for letting me represent them at the festival. The other big story at ACL was "the fire." My photos of the fire were used on Spinner and Pitchfork. Flickr picked up one of the photos on their Explore page and it's gotten over 800 views and been favorited 32 times since Saturday. Sweet! Semi-related: One band I wish I could have seen at ACL was Underworld. Looks like the NYC show was awesome.
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Like woah. I survived Austin City Limits Festival 2007 and all you get for it is this crappy post.

Biding my time at the Austin aeropuerto before heading off to Dallas and ultimately BWI. I had a pretty awesome time here in Austin, although I was running around doing festival related things so much I didn't get the chance to eat as much BBQ as I wanted.

Quick thoughts:
My Morning Jacket fucking OWNED! They were amazing. The only group all weekend that seemed like they could play even bigger venues than ACL. Probably the set of the weekend. So so good. Also earning props: Bloc Party (got so many good photos of them I could run a new one every day for a year and you wouldn't get sick of them), Arctic Monkeys and the aforementioned LCD and M.I.A.

Wilco was a snoozefest. I ended up shooting them and running over to catch MMJ and I have to say, after (only) seeing three songs I don't see what the big deal was. Tweedy looked like he'd rather have been anywhere else on the planet. MMJ meanwhile were decked out in beach gear and gave their set a luau feel. They had girls standing on stage holding coconuts and some random guy wandering around stage with a metal detector like he was at the beach. Have some fun with it! Wilco's big thing was Tweedy wore a cowboy hat for the first song. Pffffft. Also snore inducing: Andrew Bird (who drew an absolutely HUUUUGE crowd on Saturday) and The Decemberists (Say it with me now - OVER-RATED).

Blue October... Without a doubt the Worst. Band. On. The. Planet.

The Arcade Fire played in the dark. - Literally. I (along with the rest of the photogs that pretty much had a battle royal to be one of the 32 people "lucky" enough to get photo pit access during the AF's set) was SO PISSED. The Black Cat had better lighting than the AF's set. Meanwhile, you could see and hear Muse all the way across the park. I backed the wrong horse here, no doubt.

Surprisingly Good: Common (he covered "Award Tour!") and Crowded House (mostly heard new stuff but didn't stick around that long).

Indifferent towards: Bjork (played a strangely paced set and I really don't like her new stuff) and Bob Dylan (played "Tangled Up In Blue" right off the bat and then all new stuff after that. His voice was in rough shape at the start of the set but got better). Plus, I was so happy not to have to take any more photos by the time Dylan came on (we weren't allowed to shoot him) I think Morrissey would have had a hard time keeping my attention at that point. Also, The National. They were wonderful but I've seen them play that set four times in the last two ro three months.

All in all, I had a wonderful trip. Austin (and ACL Fest) is best! The beer is cheap and the music and good food is plentiful. I would come back in a second. Although probably not for SXSW.

Special thanks to Dan for letting me crash on his couch all weekend and to Frank Chromewaves for the hotel and internet access. Hopefully Frank is still talking to me as of tomorrow since I spent most of the weekend telling him his favorite bands suck. I'm such a dick.

Also, big ups to all the Hot Freaks bloggers. They put on two great nights of after parties at two awesome clubs.

Photos should be up on AOL/Spinner at some point today. Make sure you check them out!

**UPDATE** Waiting on my connection in Dallas...Here are the photos at AOL/Spinner.


I was browsing the KEXP blog today after they announced that leafblower faves Pela recorded a live, in-studio performance that will be broadcast next Monday in the a.m. when I found this. How awesome does this sound?

July 14:
Good/Bad Archive Project & 9003 KEXP presents Rock Lottery 3- a benefit for The Vera Project featuring members of Tall Birds, Aqueduct, Raz Rez, The Lashes, Harvey Danger, Damian Jurado and many more! at Neumo's
Doors: music starts 10PM
Age: 21+

Twenty-five hand picked musicians meet at 10:00AM at the evening's performance venue. These volunteers are organized into five bands through a lottery based chance selection. The five different groups are then released to practice at different locations. The musicians have twelve hours to create a band name and three to five songs (with a one cover song limit). The bands will then return to the venue and perform what they have created in front of a waiting audience. The twenty-five musicians included in this experiment are carefully selected in an attempt to represent a wide variety of musical styles. This event will bring together many facets of the music community that may seem incompatible, as well as musicians whose interests may conflict. The challenge for these participants is to try and go beyond their personal and musical differences and work together to create a unified group project that still contains the personal styles of each of its members.

Best! Anyhoo, a few photos from Pela's show last week in San Fran are up over on Flickr. Also, according to KEXP and unbeknownst to me, "In fact, Pelaís first EP 'All In Time' was released by Brassland, co-owned by The Nationalís Aaron Dressner, and Pela guitarist Nate Martinez sometimes tours with the Brooklyn compatriots." Pela + The National? Wow.

Pela is also playing the KEXP BBQ in August, which may provide Ms. Smith and I the excuse we've been looking for to make a trip to Northwest.

San Francisco-8805.jpg

Another busy day at work for your truly. Luckily for you (not necessarily for me, since I have a ton of stuff to still go through) I have plenty of photos to keep you busy in the meantime. Here are all of my non-concert related San Fran photos and a song that I had in heavy rotation while I was out there. It goes without saying that I loved my short visit in the Bay Area. It was also nice to catch up with Matt and Jason from 1115 dot org.

Speaking of, you seriously need to check out Matt's photos from the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. I love this one.

[MP3] Primal Scream | Kill All Hippies
[MP3] Primal Scream | When The Kingdon Comes (featuring Paul Weller)

I included the second track, a b-side featuring Paul Weller that sounds A LOT like The Who's "Can't Explain" for no other reason that I am absolutely loving that Jam at the BBC double disc set I got. It's straight fire. I'll post a track or two from that sometime soon. Wow.

Also, if you don't have this record, it's going to be hard for us to be friends. Seriously. It's that good.

Saturday, after a hellish five hour flight that landed half an hour late, Ms. Smith was nice enough to cook me dinner and take me to see Smoosh and The Pipettes at the Black Cat. My energy level was running low when we entered the venue, but luckily both groups had plenty of energy to spare (the less said about the opener, Monster Bobby, the better).

The Pipettes are, as some are wont to say, the sound of one pan flashing, but no matter how you feel about the group, they put on a great show. There were plenty of choregraphed dance moves to go along with the group's throw-back, doo-wop sound, and best of all, the girls seemed to be enjoying themselves. The crowd certainbly did. Think of them as the female Art Brut. You either get it and totally love it or you don't.

For me, Smoosh was the standout act on the bill. And not in an "Awwwwww, cute" kind of way. They had some great tunes and held their own on a musical level. They are seasoned veterans, despite their respective ages, and their set left no doubts with the audience. Their stage manner could use a little work, although I imagine that will come with age. The singer looked around and smiled nervously whenever she wasn't singing, in a kind of "Wow, there are a lot of people here. Hope I don't screw up" kind of way. But if I had braces and was up on stage belting out some killer tunes, I'd probably be the same way. Seriously, nitpicks aside, I walked out a fan. You should definitely catch them when they come through your town. Here are the remaining dates:

06-07 Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
06-08 Minneapolis, MN - 7th St Entry
06-10 San Diego, CA - Casbah
06-11 Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour
06-12 San Francisco, CA - Popscene at Rickshaw Stop
06-14 Seattle, WA - Chop Suey
06-15 Vancouver, British Columbia - Plaza Club

[MP3] The Pipettes | The Burning Ambition of Early Diuretics [via Pizfork]
[MP3] Smoosh | Find A Way

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