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Like woah. I survived Austin City Limits Festival 2007 and all you get for it is this crappy post.

Biding my time at the Austin aeropuerto before heading off to Dallas and ultimately BWI. I had a pretty awesome time here in Austin, although I was running around doing festival related things so much I didn't get the chance to eat as much BBQ as I wanted.

Quick thoughts:
My Morning Jacket fucking OWNED! They were amazing. The only group all weekend that seemed like they could play even bigger venues than ACL. Probably the set of the weekend. So so good. Also earning props: Bloc Party (got so many good photos of them I could run a new one every day for a year and you wouldn't get sick of them), Arctic Monkeys and the aforementioned LCD and M.I.A.

Wilco was a snoozefest. I ended up shooting them and running over to catch MMJ and I have to say, after (only) seeing three songs I don't see what the big deal was. Tweedy looked like he'd rather have been anywhere else on the planet. MMJ meanwhile were decked out in beach gear and gave their set a luau feel. They had girls standing on stage holding coconuts and some random guy wandering around stage with a metal detector like he was at the beach. Have some fun with it! Wilco's big thing was Tweedy wore a cowboy hat for the first song. Pffffft. Also snore inducing: Andrew Bird (who drew an absolutely HUUUUGE crowd on Saturday) and The Decemberists (Say it with me now - OVER-RATED).

Blue October... Without a doubt the Worst. Band. On. The. Planet.

The Arcade Fire played in the dark. - Literally. I (along with the rest of the photogs that pretty much had a battle royal to be one of the 32 people "lucky" enough to get photo pit access during the AF's set) was SO PISSED. The Black Cat had better lighting than the AF's set. Meanwhile, you could see and hear Muse all the way across the park. I backed the wrong horse here, no doubt.

Surprisingly Good: Common (he covered "Award Tour!") and Crowded House (mostly heard new stuff but didn't stick around that long).

Indifferent towards: Bjork (played a strangely paced set and I really don't like her new stuff) and Bob Dylan (played "Tangled Up In Blue" right off the bat and then all new stuff after that. His voice was in rough shape at the start of the set but got better). Plus, I was so happy not to have to take any more photos by the time Dylan came on (we weren't allowed to shoot him) I think Morrissey would have had a hard time keeping my attention at that point. Also, The National. They were wonderful but I've seen them play that set four times in the last two ro three months.

All in all, I had a wonderful trip. Austin (and ACL Fest) is best! The beer is cheap and the music and good food is plentiful. I would come back in a second. Although probably not for SXSW.

Special thanks to Dan for letting me crash on his couch all weekend and to Frank Chromewaves for the hotel and internet access. Hopefully Frank is still talking to me as of tomorrow since I spent most of the weekend telling him his favorite bands suck. I'm such a dick.

Also, big ups to all the Hot Freaks bloggers. They put on two great nights of after parties at two awesome clubs.

Photos should be up on AOL/Spinner at some point today. Make sure you check them out!

**UPDATE** Waiting on my connection in Dallas...Here are the photos at AOL/Spinner.


One of the wonderful (or horrible, depending on your POV) things about iTunes is that because of the sheer amount of music most of us have, your library tends to have a few undiscovered little gems hiding in plain sight, songs you added long ago and never listened to. And when they get served up, occasionally they make you perk up and say "This is fucking awesome, but who the hell is it?" and when you see who it is, you're all like "Really?"

This happened to me a few weeks ago. The song was "The Children of December" by The Slip. I saw The Slip open for My Morning Jacket last year at the 9:30 Club, but didn't remember much about them other than their funny hats. I had another song of theirs, a happy-go-lucky space-rock jam named "Even Rats" that I liked, but for some unknown reason, I never listened to "Children of December." But when I finally did, it made me sit up and take notice. The song sounds like Matt Pond PA playing a long lost Sloan song and it is, in a word, brilliant.

Anyway, I gave them the short shrift when they came through last year, so I'm going to have to do some research and get some more of their stuff. In the meantime, here are those two songs for your listening pleasure:


[MP3] The Slip | Children Of December

[MP3] The Slip | Even Rats

Last night, after winning 60 bucks on slots at Paris, Las Vegas and wandering around the Strip drinking crappy draft beer while trying in vain to get a hold of a decent beer (seriously, the beer selection in Vegas casinos is teh suxxor), I came back to my room at the relatively early for Vegas 11 o'clock (effing jetlag) and checked my email before hitting the sack. In it was a message from someone named "Teddy" that basically said, in a somewhat playful way "'Treading water?!?' Do you have any idea how hard I worked on that you no good so and so..." I'm thinking to myself, "Who the fuck is this? I don't know anyone named Teddy." And then a light went off and I realized who it was.

That email was from Ted Leo.

He was emailing me about an unrelated matter and I guess he was poking around on my site and found my half assed review of Living With The Living. Ouch. Imagine trying to explain to one of your favorite artists why you aren't really feeling their latest release. Let's just say I was backpedaling like a motherfucker. Luckily for me Ted was just taking the piss and we've exchanged emails since then. Best.

Seriously, I ask you, how can you not heart Ted Leo?


He's on tour in Europe right now, but next time you see him, tell him "Fuck information leafblower!"

While I was in Europe, the lineup for the Virgin Festival at Pimlico was announced and, while it's not exactly a slam dunk, it's still pretty good and strong enough not to make me regret not ponying up for a flight to Chicago for Lollapalooza. Of course, it doesn't hurt that many of the bigger bands on the lineup are playing both festivals.

Here's how the lineup shakes out:

Day 1

Amy Winehouse / Beastie Boys / Ben Harper / Booka Shade / Cheap Trick / Danny Tenaglia / Sasha & John Digweed / Felix Da Housecat / Fiction Plane / Fountains Of Wayne / The Fratellis / Incubus / LCD Soundsystem / Miguel Migs (Petalpusher) / Modest Mouse / Paolo Nutini / Peter Bjorn And John / The Police / Sander Van Doorn / Shout Out Out Out / TV On The Radio

Day 2

311 / Bad Brains / The Crystal Method (DJ Set) / CSS / Deep Dish (Dubfire and Sharam) / Dieselboy & Andy C / Girl Talk / Infected Mushroom / Interpol / James Zabiela / M.I.A. / Matisyahu / Regina Spektor / Smashing Pumpkins / Spoon / Velvet Revolver / Wu Tang Clan / Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Chris Cornell was originally announced as part of the lineup but has since decided to pass. Accordingly, chatter on the 9:30 message board says there are still a few more bands to announce.

Overall, the lineups for the festival circuit in general is kinda lacking this year. Lolla is meh, same for Pitchfork. I can't ever see me going to Bonnarroo, no matter how great the lineup is, because leaf doesn't do camping. I'd have to say the best festival lineup of the year has to be the newly announced Austin City Limits which has somehow booked all of the available heavy hitters in one place.

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