Hard to top yesterday. I spent much of the afternoon pestering the multiude of Michigan alumni in my rolodex after Appalachian State, alma mater of Mom and Pop Leafblower, pulled off the greatest upset in the last 30 odd years in college football by beating Michigan at The Big House.

Forget firing Lloyd Carr (wait 'til he loses to Ohio State again), you have to fire the special teams coach on Monday. Allowing two blocked field goals in just over 90 seconds? That's a fireable offense in my book. Boone, NC is on the map now, baby!

Here's the crazy thing. Michigan's season is OVER.

The only bad thing to come out of this is there's no way anyone that big ever schedules App State again. It's a shame no one saw this game since it wasn't on TV anywhere. ESPN Classic should show it today.

Later that night, Red Sox rookie Clay Buchholz no-hit the Orioles in Fenway. Maybe now I will start yelling out "Ohhhhhhh" with all the O's fans during the national anthem. It will just have a different meaning for me.

Not to be outdone, D.C. United traveled to Dallas and came away with a 4-0 win in a game that was over at the half. United is now in 1st in the Eastern Conference and play #2 New England next Sunday.

If only my alma mater, East Carolina, could have out the cherry on top of this delicious Saturday by beating Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. Things looked good early but they VA Tech got an interception that led to a TD just before the half that took the wind out of our sales. Still, that was the best game I've seen us play in the last few years. Looks like Skip Holtz has us back on the right path, so it's at least a moral victory.

I doubt many of you watched Roger Federer trounce Paul Capdeville 6-1, 6-4, 6-4, at the U.S. Open last night, which is unfortunate. For you. Federer, totally pimping by dressing entirely in black, put on a clinic, hitting lasers all over the court. Capedeville was simply outclassed. Federer was straight up messing with this dude, pulling out all sorts of shots from his endless arsenal. Up next for Federer is 6-9 Georgia Bulldog John Isner, who coincidentally, thinks Federer ain't shit. Here's to a long weekend filled with tennis. Maybe one of these years I will stop moving apartments at the end of August and I can go back to Flushing and take in some matches. As I've said many times before, The U.S. Open was my absolute favorite sporting event to go to when I lived in NYC. The crowds are plentiful but polite, the beer and food are a step beyond regular ballpark fare and the atmosphere is second to none. It also earned a new place in my heart by being the only channel on TV not talking about Michael fucking Vick while I was unpacking on Monday.

The other big event on TV last night that you didn't watch was the SuperLiga Final between Pachuca and the L.A. Galaxy. The Gals lost in a shootout when Landon "What's the Opposite of Clutch?" Donovan missed his PK, which would have won the game. Pachuca buried their next chance and LA missed again. Game, Set, $1 million prize. Oh, and David Beckham was hurt. He had a nasty collision going for a ball mid way through the first half. It was easy to tell he was hurt right away. The early diagnosis is some ligament damage, so he'll be on the shelf for 4-6 weeks, missing the rest of the MLS season and Euro qualifiers for Engerland. Sucks for them. It sucks even worse for the Galaxy. They are out of the MLS playoff race and with Beckham gone, they're just playing out the string at this point.

It's a week or two old, but here's the video for "My Eyes" by Travis, perhaps my favorite track off of their new record. The video is typically cheeky and totally awesome.

AOL liked my Projekt Revolution photos so much the asked if they could use them in one of their posts. I said yes. Obvs.

Back at work today after two days of packing and unpacking. Lots more to come this weekend. Mr. Pink was freaked out a bit once he got into the new place, but as of last night he was back to his usual self - running around, begging to play fetch and climbing on everything he can. He eventually stopped to rest so I broke out the camera.



More over on Flickr.

If you want even more, here's the Mr. Pink archive on Flickr.


Hey Venus! is out in the UK today. Us Yanks have to wait until September (that is, unless you downloaded it 3 months ago like everyone else). I really like this record, it's much better than the last one.

[MP3] Super Furry Animals | Run Away

Back to unpacking...

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