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Still trying to confirm with the venue, but it looks like Moz canceled the show at Rams Head Live in Baltimore tonight. The show is definitely not happening.

Majorly bummed.

Last night was pretty effing great. More on that later.

**UPDATE** - Here's my hastily written DCist review.

**UPDATE 2** - Scuttlebutt says everything up through Saturday in Boston has been canceled/postponed. Just waiting on official word.

Without trying to be too vague, this stands to be a VERY exciting week for yours truly for reasons other than "Hey, I get the chance to see Morrissey three times in the next five days." More on that when the time comes. Apologies in advance for being so mysterious.

So then, the plan is:
Tonight: D.C./Northern Virginia - Wolf Trap
Tuesday: Baltimore - Rams Head Live
Friday: Holmdel, NJ - PNC Bank Arts Center

*fingers crossed* I might even throw in some Robbers On High Street action on Thursday. We'll see.

Semi-related: Ms. Smith and I booked our hotel in Philly via Hotwire, which meant we couldn't cancel the room, so off to Philly we went on Friday. We were in a good mood when we left, despite the canceled show, but that soon changed when our quick drive north turned into a five hour ordeal with traffic backups in every state we passed through once we left good ol' Virginia. Long story short, we left at 7 and finally pulled into our hotel just before midnight, just in time for the hotel bar to close up right when we walked in. Joy.

Saturday we tried to go to the Phillies / Mets game but it was sold out. So we spent the afternoon at the McFaddens attached to the baseball stadium and just enjoyed what turned into a tremendous people watching experience. Wow. You had the blue-collar Philly peeps on one side of the bar, all the douchebag Mets fans (gel in hair, collars popped) from NYC in the other and the McFaddens waitresses walking around pretty much falling out of their "uniforms." I kept telling Ms. Smith that was much more entertaining than the game would have been.


Hey, I finally finished putting my photos from Europe online. Maybe one day I'll actually go back and tag them appropriately.

Photos - Koln, Germany
Photos - Rhine River Valley (St. Goar and Bacharach)

All you could ever want to know about the upcoming concerts for the next three or so months in the D.C. area.




Just got word from the venue, Morrissey's show tonight at Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA will go on as scheduled.


Yes, sometime my lyrics are sexist
But you lovely bitches and ho's should know
I'm trying to correct this.

Brilliant. Methinks HBO hitched it's wagon to the wrong show.

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