I got a press release from the Virgin Fest yesterday announcing three new acts to the lineup:

With less than a month to go, Virgin Festival By Virgin Mobile is heating up with even more acts signing on. Theatric pop band Panic! At the Disco; post-rock, instrumental act Explosions In the Sky and Baltimore-based Ďabsurdistí electronic music composer/performer Dan Deacon will join the Sunday lineup as nearly forty artists and DJ's take to the stage over two days on August 4 and 5 at Baltimore's Pimlico Race Course.

Looks like those Alice In Chains rumors were ultimately untrue. Still, that's a pretty strong lineup up there. I, for one, am certainly looking forward to it. I'll be there taking photos so expect a full report come August.

Top notch show on Friday that showcased some of the best local talent here in Washington D.C. All three bands played great sets but the highlight of the night was when Jesse Elliott from These Unites States joined Middle Distance Runner on stage for a cover of "The Business," a tUS tune that rarely gets played (although it got a surprise airing earlier in the night). Ummmm, maybe you had to be there.

Georgie James played some new stuff from their forthcoming Saddle Creek release that sounds great and the best news of all (for all of you) is that before the year is out, all three of these bands are likely coming to a town near you(separately, obvs.). So be sure to check them out when that time comes.

[MP3] These United States | The Business
Georgie James plays a Woxy Lounge Act
Middle Distance Runner on The Hype Machine

As I mentioned last week, all three of these bands have played DCist's Unbuckled in the last year or so. The next Unbuckled is on Wednesday, so come on out and see the next big thing.


I Am Fuel, You Are Friends has MP3's from one of R.E.M.'s recent Dublin performances in its entirety.

Related: Maybe R.E.M. haven't lost the plot after all. Although, I must say, bring your camera free for alls mostly turn into big clusterfuck of flash bulbs popping off everywhere because everyone that's bought a DSLR in the last year or two brings it and lets their flash fly because they don't have fast enough glass to take photos otherwise. On Friday, some stupid lady wormed her way up to the front of the crowd and started taking photos while aiming her external flash right in people's faces! I couldn't believe it. Not only did she stand right in front of me and block my shots, but she was firing flashes every which way and annoying every single person in her vicinity. No wonder people hate photogs at gigs. People like her give us a bad name. OK, rant over. Sorry.

PJ Harvey still has it.


A 6-year-old Edina, Minn., girl is hospitalized after a freak accident at a swimming pool.

Abigail Taylor was severely injured Friday when she sat over an open drain hole in a wading pool at the Minneapolis Golf Club. According to a posting by her family on the Caring Bridge Web site, the drain's powerful suction tore out part of her intestinal tract.

The family's account said it's a "medical miracle" that she's still alive. The online account has since been taken down.

Her father, Scott Taylor, told WCCO-TV that the suction caused a 2-inch tear in Abigail's rectum and pulled out much of her small intestine. Doctors had to remove the part of her intestines that remained, the family's lawyer, Bob Bennett, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah.

Still kicking water, thrashing with both arms, I'm maybe halfway to the surface but not going higher. The heartbeat inside my head getting loud and fast.

The bright sparks of light crossing and crisscrossing my eyes, I turn and look back ... but it doesn't make sense. This thick rope, some kind of snake, blue-white and braided with veins, has come up out of the pool drain and it's holding on to my butt. Some of the veins are leaking blood, red blood that looks black underwater and drifts away from little rips in the pale skin of the snake. The blood trails away, disappearing in the water, and inside the snake's thin, blue-white skin you can see lumps of some half-digested meal.

It goes on from there but I'll spare you.

A hearty hat tip to Goldenfiddle, who originally spotted the story.


Well, Moz canceled the NJ gig I was scheduled to go see today, so there's been a slight change of schedule. Here's a gameplan for me and you over the weekend:

Watch Spoon's video for The Underdog. I'm pretty much over music videos at this point but every once in a while I see one that really grabs me. This is one. It's brilliant and does a great job of showcasing Britt Daniels' knack of not overdoing anything in his songs. He doesn't fill up space that would be better served with nothing there. Watch the drummer. I never really noticed how little he plays on this song. Great stuff.

Watch the seven stages of British Indie Rock documentary. Great footage here, although no Verve, no Radiohead and NO ELASTICA. I think people tend to forget how big Elastica were during the Britpop days. They were bigger than Blur was over here in the States and they are the spiritual forbearers of bands like The Libertines and The Strokes. Don't sleep.

Download and listen to my favorite Dandy Warhols song, which I saw last night featured in a Saturn commercial.

[MP3] The Dandy Warhols | Dandy Warhols TV Theme Song

The "ooh ooh oohs" are killer.

Also here are some other MP3's that I've been meaning to post:
[MP3] Fields | Song for the Fields (Ewan Pearson Remix)
[MP3] Fields | If You Fail We All Fail (SebastiAn Remix)
[MP3] Fields | If You Fail We All Fail (Badlands Remix)
[MP3] Fields | Song for the Fields (Album Version)

[MP3] Stars | The Night Starts Here
From their upcoming album In Our Bedroom After the War which will be released in September.

[MP3] The Cribs | Men's Needs (CSS Remix)

Also, tonight at the Black Cat:

Georgie James
Georgie James / Myspace

Middle Distance Runner / Myspace

These United States / Myspace

Unbuckled alums all. Be there.



Grambo, Peabs, Damore, your work here is done.

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