My favorite records of the year so far (in no particular order)

- Favourite Worst Nightmare / Arctic Monkeys - Half of this record is absolutely amazing, the other half I skip over.
- Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga / Spoon - Reminds me of Girls Can Tell. Solid.
- An End Has A Start / Editors - Without a doubt the record I have listened to the most so far this year.

The Editors record isn't out until next week, but I'm giving you the chance to win one of three Deluxe-Editions of their new album. All you have to do is email me and tell me the name of one of the two awesome cover songs of the Editors have recorded and released. One was one a single from their first record and the other was on a compilation from Q Magazine. I'll keep the contest open until Monday.

Here's the band doing the first single from the record live on Jools Holland:

Click here to buy the album from iTunes.

I am insanely tired and also insanely busy today, so let's just say last night was pretty incredible. Unbuckled enjoyed its first ever sellout and the crowd enjoyed two great sets by two great bands. Le Loup actually lived up to the hype(that was like their fourth show ever and they're already signed to a SubPop subsidiary), which surprised me a bit - mostly because I am the eternal pessimist. They're very Montreal-ish, like if the lead singer from Stars was fronting a band that was channeling the Arcade Fire while playing songs from bands like Islands, Tape n' Tapes and Beirut(three bands that I hate, yet LL was very pleasing on the ears - go figure). I doubt that makes any sense, but take it for what it's worth. You'll be hearing more about them soon enough.

Questionable fashion choices aside, this is some great footage of New Order performing "Temptation" live at the BBC studios some time in 1984. You'd think they were in Ibiza, not the Radio 1 studios, by looking at those outfits.

Here's the studio version:
[MP3] New Order | Temptation


Straight from the inbox:

Superdrag will be back on tour this Fall, with all four original members. Last seen onstage together more than 8 years ago, the original line-up of John Davis (guitar, vocals), Don Coffey Jr (drums), Brandon Fisher (guitar) and Tom Pappas (bass) have 6 performances scheduled for 2007.

Though Superdrag may be best-known for their 1996 major-label debut Regretfully Yours and the hit single “Sucked Out” that helped launch the band towards international success, the follow-up Head Trip In Every Key, issued in 1998, was widely regarded as the band’s creative peak. Amidst label woes and line-up changes, namely the departures of founding members Pappas and Fisher, the band would issue their third and fourth full-lengths In The Valley Of Dying Stars and Last Call For Vitriol to universal critical accolades, and expand their hard-won fan base through incessant touring, with the help of bassist Sam Powers and guitarist Mic Harrison. Many of Superdrag’s latter-day fans have never had an opportunity to see the original line-up onstage together…until now!

Tickets will be available pre-sale Thursday July 12th at 12 PM EST at superdrag.ducatking.com

For more information regarding Superdrag visit superdrag.com or myspace.comsuperdragofficial


10.05.07 City Hall Nashville TN
10.13.07 Metro Chicago IL
10.20.07 Barley’s Tap Room Knoxville TN
11.02.07 The Fillmore @ Irving Plaza New York NY
11.03.07 Paradise Rock Club Boston MA
11.08.07 Nightclub 9:30 Washington DC

I've gone on record before about my love for the criminally underrated Head Trip In Every Key.

Also, I humbly submit the following tune as an example of the perfect pop song:

The word came down from on high today (actually it came from Girlie Action) that Morrissey is making up the Philly and Atlantic City shows but canceling NYC, Holmdel NJ, Northampton, MA and, of course, Baltimore. This does me absolutely no good because the rescheduled Philly date is on Monday and I obviously can't go. Can't wait to fight it out with the venue about my refund.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a bigger Morrissey fan than me, but this is total BS any way you look at it. A quick check of the rescheduled dates and the Rams Head Live calendar shows the club is available on 7/22, so I guess Morrissey just doesn't want to have to travel to Baltimore to play such a small venue at this point. It's also no coincidence that MSG and Holmdel, NJ were canceled. Both shows were to be held in very large venues, but had poor ticket sales due to the high ticket prices and all the other area shows Moz was doing. So this is all just a big "Eff You" from Moz to his fans. Lovely.

This whole ordeal certainly clouds my outlook on attending any future Morrissey shows.

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