Tonight brings us an early drinkathon at the D.C. Sports Blogger Happy Hour (which I never got around to making a flyer for - sorry Jamie).

The late drinkathon brings us to a house party on or around O street. Tomorrow morning's gonna hurt.


Still waiting on word about my White Stripes tickets, they are playing at GMU's Patriot Center.

If that falls through The Velvet Lounge has an excellent show that will be my back-up plan. Donny Hue & the Colors, Nethers Nikki solo and the Griznar Musical Collective. Donny Hue & the Colors features Aaron and Mike of Nethers and Olivia and Randy from Washington Social Club. I still haven't seen Nethers perform this year (!!!!) and this looks to be my best chance for the foreseeable future. Plus Nikki and Olivia are two of my favorite artists (if not my two favorite artists) in the city, so I'm hoping I can maybe see both shows.

[MP3] Donny Hue & the Colors | Real Long Time

After sleeping in, I have a sports filled night ahead of me. I'm thinking about heading out The Goodman League in the early afternoon to see if I can get a spot for the 7 p.m. game which is supposed to feature Agent Zero v. Kevin Durant. Like Woah. D.C. United face Mexico's Club America at RFK in Superliga action at 8 p.m.

No rest for the weary!


I'll be posting my photos from Whartscape next week, but until then, here's a shot of Spank Rock, who turned in the best set of the weekend (even though I only stayed for like 5 songs of it). He was awesome. But don't take my word for it. Butterteam has some audio from the performance.

Also for your listening pleasure:
[MP3] Robbers on High Street | Married Young (The Glass Remix)
New album out now.

[MP3] OFFICE | The Ritz
Album out 9/25.

[MP3] Sea Wolf | You Are A Wolf
Touring with Nada Surf in October. Album out 9/25.

[MP3] Parts & Labor | Fractured Skies
Parts & Labor need a new drummer. Seriously. Their's just left to become EIC of Paper Thin Walls. Send them an email if you're interested.

Lastly, in honor of Beyonce's recent tumble at her show in Orlando, I give you this cover song:
[MP3] The Magic Numbers | Crazy In Love


Click for bigger version.

More of the same from D.C. United last night. Score early, give up a goal late and try (in vain) to finish with a flourish. They missed a few too many open chances for my liking. Someone needs to put the ball in the net.

Read Matt's DCist review here.

They'll try again on Sunday against the Mexican club America at 8 p.m. at RFK. I'll be there.

Some of the musical treats that have appeared in my inbox over the last week or so.

Stream Bishop Allen's new record.

[MP3] Chromeo | Tenderoni (Etienne de Crecy remix)

Download an MP3 of "Burn My Shadow" by UNKLE (featuring Ian Astbury of the Cult)

Head over to Ambulance LTD.'s MySpace page to preview some songs from their forthcoming record. In other news, I finally signed up for a MySpace account, mostly so I can see who is stealing my photos. I feel dirty.

Watch The Dirty Projectors do one of those crazy "Take Away Shows." I saw DP at Whartscape and they were pretty good.

[MP3] Eastern Conference Champions | Box

[MP3] The Deadly Syndrome | Eucalyptus - Apparently, these guys are L.A.'s version to Le Loup, in that they've played a handful of gigs and have big buzz.

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