If you want me this weekend, I'll be here. Visual evidence across multiple media outlets to follow on Monday.

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And that would be Australia's Dappled Cities (also known as Dappled Cities Fly). They played the Black Cat's backstage room last night and put on one of the most enjoyable shows I've seen this year. Their sound is a glorious blend of Mew, Supergrass, The Shins and Levy - art rock with perfect pop hooks occasionally sung in falsetto.

Two songs really stood out for me "Color Coding" - which has this insane coda that sounds like the Clash doing their best Mew impression - and "Fire Fire Fire," one of the best out-and-out pop songs I've heard this year. I was quite impressed with their show. They said they'll be back in the area in about a month or so, so keep an eye on those concert calendars. Go see them if you have the chance!

Donewaiting has "Fire Fire Fire" available for you to download. Don't forget the awesome remix that I've been obsessing over for the last two weeks.

My Old Kentucky Blog recently had Dappled Cities in on his Sirius Radio Show. Go there to download some live tracks (including a not so great version of "Color Coding").

And you can always peep them on Teh Hype Machine.

You've already seen most of these, but here are my photos from Whartscape 2007. Unfortunately I don't have time to give you all of my thoughts on the event, but I will say that even though it was totally exhausting, I had a lot of fun. Much more than I thought I would. I was clueless that Baltimore had such a great music scene. All of the local bands that played this festival - held in a loft warehouse space - seemed very close and for a total DIY festival, it ran on a tighter schedule than most shows at local clubs. The overwhelming hipsterness of the attendees was a bit much for me, but otherwise it was all good. Best of all, I got to see a ton of bands I had never head before and would probably had never had heard of otherwise.

Best Performance of the Weekend:

Spank Rock. I only stayed for like 5 songs (he went on last on Saturday and I was EXHAUSTED), but he was straight fire. I also got the best photos of the weekend of him.

Best New Band I Saw:
Future Islands. And not because they're representing Greenville, North Cackalack (where I went to school). They totally threw down. Picture Jack Black fronting BS2000 or The Rentals. Awesome. I was so excited when I saw they were from GreenVegas and even more excited that they were actually good. That's a rarity in Greenville, at least when I went to school there.

Best New Band Runner Up:
XBXRX - Kickass punk rock from Oakland. Can't even hum you one of the songs, but it was fun to watch them play.

Best Band That Might Be A Big Joke:
Blood Baby. A joke as in "funny ha ha," not "these guys are a joke." Hard to explain, but they seem like a bunch of dudes that just got together five minutes before they went on and banged out some quasi-Ramones covers. Great personality though. Tons of fun and thoroughly enjoyable.

Worst Band of the Weekend:
Beach House. Boooooooooooooring. I almost fell asleep. I had to make sure I didn't yawn too hard because I felt like I might blow them right over. How on earth did they get compared to Mazzy Star? Blasphemy. Hope Sandoval has PRESENCE. Beach House seem like they might run and hide if you look at them too long.


It seems KG (the famous one, not me) is heading to Boston in a trade that immediately makes the Boston Celtics title contenders in the weaker than weak Eastern Conference. And yet, I'm quite a bit apprehensive about the whole proposition. Mostly because we're giving up seven (!!!) players to get KG, one of those being Al Jefferson, a future break-out star and my current NBA man-crush.

Here's our bench right now:
Tony Allen (recovering from extensive knee surgery)
Brian Scalabrine (Ouch)
Gabe Pruitt (rookie)
Glen Davis (rookie)
Brandon Wallace (rookie)
Yeah. Not good.

But what is good is that the C's will be able to sign some veteran talent now that they have three Hall of Fame players on the roster which makes Rajon Rondo's inability to shoot a big "So What?" Garnett could average 25 and 12 in the East for the next two or three years. The Celtics will be on national TV and I won't have to buy the NBA cable package. Unless I want to watch Al in Minnesota.

So why aren't I happier about this?

Two words: Doc Rivers.

Even though I don't agree with his entire article, The Sports Guy makes a good point about the contracts involved heading to Minny:

" Basically, McHale traded one of the best 25 players ever -- at the tail end of his prime!!! -- for Jefferson (a free agent in two years), one year of Gomes (a free agent in '08, when he'll be leaving treadmarks on his way out of Minnesota), a harmless pick and a do-over for a pick he never should have traded. Last month, McHale walked away from the No. 5 pick in the deal. This month, he couldn't even get Boston to throw in Rajon Rondo."

If Minny doesn't re-sign these guys, they're not getting much out of this.

It's also worth noting that this deal pairs up Ray Allen and KG, two guys that would have been teammates years ago if Allen hadn't have been dealt on draft day for some geezer named Stephon Marbury.

Christian Gomez, where you been son? Gomito showed up last night and looked very much like the reigning MVP of MLS. he pretty much ran Mexico's Club America out of RFK in the first 45 minutes. United ended up winning 1-0, scoring early but leaving out that annoying opposition goal that gums everything up in the second half. They now travel to Houston on Wednesday. Win and they're through to the knockout round of SuperLiga.

Brian Namoff got back on the pitch last night which was a welcome sight for United. Although, Marc Burch better not be the one sitting down when Namoff returns to the starting lineup. Ya heard?

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