Awesome, awesome piece in El WaPo today on some of the D.C. United fan groups and the role they play at every home game. I know some of you out of town readers don't quite get the whole D.C. United/MLS thing, which is why I highly recommend you read the article (and check out the accompanying multimedia extras that go along with it). I was never a big MLS guy until I moved here, but going to all these United games the last two years have really converted me. I can honestly say I'd be going even if I wasn't taking photos. They are so much fun, the stadium is full of cheer and energy even though it's only half full. The three D.C. United fan groups, La Barra Brava, La Norte and The Screaming Eagles are a huge part of that. It's impossible to sit near them and not join in with all the chanting and revelry.



Here's the choice quote:

The Barra Brava works how America is supposed to work," says Conner, a recreation coordinator for Culpeper County, Va. "It's a great melting pot. We have 27 different nationalities there now. We have guys from Africa, we have guys from Europe, and South America, which is obviously our roots that we want to hold on to. What we want to be is the standard for American hard-core support."



United takes on the L.A. Galaxy in the SuperLiga semifinals tonight at 10 p.m. ET. A win and they host Pachuca, who beat the Houston Dynamo last night, at RFK on August 29th! Vamos United!

Wrong. Let me go on record about the Yanks catching the Sox. Not gonna happen.

Not at all related:
Bring on Brazil.

Is RFK back in the mix for USMNT matches? God I hope so. When I was writing down the pros and cons trying to choose between moving to D.C. and Atlanta, the possibility of USMNT matches at RFK was a great big check mark in the Pro-D.C. column. And it just dawned on me that I may have the chance to take photos at the game should one ever happen. Sweet! Once the Nats season is done, they'll hopefully be adding more seats around the goals, which will be awesome for the United and their fans in the postseason.

Let me be the latest person to express their regret at the passing of Tony Wilson, the man behind Factory Records and author of one of the greatest quotes about the music industry ever - "You either make money, or you make history." Truer words were never spoken.

Also, let me also express my condolences to Jen Chung and her hubby Jay as they recently lost their cat Travis. I've been keeping tabs on Travis' plight via Jen's Flickr account and was incredibly sad to read the news this morning. Losing a cat is like losing part of the family, something I definitely have experience in.

Other than Velvet Revolver (photos coming, I promise) the other consensus pick for "Best Set of the Weekend" at the 2007 Virgin Festival went to LCD Soundsystem. Not exactly surprising, as their sound is made for a festival setting (even when they're on at 5 in the afternoon). You need energy and uptempo songs to win over festival crowds and LCD has both is spades.

They're touring with the Arcade Fire in September.

Just Press Play has a special Soulwax / LCD remix and Rewritable Content has the forthcoming LCD single "Someone Great."

Lastly, LCD did a live set for KCRW last night.

More photos from the 2007 Virgin Festival:
Amy Winehouse
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Wu Tang Clan

She's just been hospitalized for "exhaustion," so I guess there's no time like the present to post these Amy Winehouse photos from the 2007 Virgin Festival. I was less than impressed with her set, she seemed like she was really out if it. During the second song of her set, she pulled her mic out of the mic stand and disconnected the mic cable while doing so. I have never seen that happen before at a show.

[MP3] Amy Winehouse | Rehab (Hot Chip Remix)

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