If it's August and I'm still living in D.C. then it must mean it's time for me to move apartments. And it is! Although I'm not nearly as excited about packing as my exclamation point might suggest. This is my fourth (!!!) move since arriving in D.C. in July 2004. Everytime I move I tell myself, "The next time I move, I'm buying a place and that's it." And that still may be the case. Next year. *sigh*

So until I'm back up and running next week, here are a few goodies to tide you over:

[MP3] Doves | Catch The Sun (Live)
When's the last time you listened to Doves? That's what I thought.

[MP3] Blur | She's So High (Live)
Blur misses Graham.

[MP3] The Smiths | Still Ill (Live)
I guess by now you've heard that the Mozzer turned down $75 million for a Smiths reunion. One that didn't have to feature Joyce and Rourke.

Loving that new Kanye.

Have you heard The Arctic Monkeys covering The Strokes?

Stereogum has an MP3 from locals Le Loup.

PS - I almost forgot. Even though I abhor most social networks (excluding Flickr, obvs.), I caved and joined LastFM. Mostly because now I don't have to update my iPod section over in the sidebar. So if you're on there, feel free to make me your friend.


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Last night I had the pleasure of watching D.C. United's Jaime Moreno bury a penalty kick to become the MLS leader in career goals with 109. Oh, and United beat the Red Bulls 3-1. Pretty sweet.

A few of the MP3's that made their way into my inbox recently:

[MP3] The Go Station | All Together Now
New album out at the end of September.

[MP3] Minus The Bear | Dr. L Ling
New record, Planet of Ice, out today.

[MP3] Black Moth Super Rainbow | Forever Heavy
[MP3] Black Moth Super Rainbow | Sun Lips
Doing a few dates with the Flaming Lips and then with Aesop Rock.

[MP3] Standfast | Devil
[MP3] Standfast | Love For Life
The press release say "...for fans of Feist, Sia, The Cardigans." Take from that what you will.

Instrumental Analysis has a new song from ilb faves Middle Distance Runner. They have a new E.P. out in October. I heart E.P.'s.


Cedars (formerly known as Cartel), another local fave, announced yesterday that they are calling it quits, which is a shame. They were one of the first local bands I saw upon moving here and totally dispelled the notion that D.C. was all hardcore all the time. They are all good guys and I wish them all the best in their future endeavors, whatever they may be.

Last year at Virgin Festival, the Scissor Sisters - and act I wasn't all that familiar with - surprised me by turning in the best set of the day, instantly making me a fan. This year's surprise best set was from Velvet Revolver. Considering the people that make up the band, perhaps my expectations should have been higher, but they totally blew me away. I quite liked the V Fest line-up, but it was short of rock - and rock stars (sorry Billy Corgan, you don't count) - and VR delivered both. I would go see them again without hesitation.

More photos from the 2007 Virgin Festival:
Modest Mouse
LCD Soundsystem
Amy Winehouse
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Wu Tang Clan

Yesterday I did two things I never thought I'd do.
1) Took a trip to Nissan Pavilion
2) Saw Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance

Ask any college aged D.C.-area local and I'm sure they can tell you a sob story about the legendary traffic backups getting to and from Nissan Pavilion, which is all the way out in Bristow, VA. But the scheduling and set times of yesterday's show negated any traffic concerns I had, so out to Bristow I went.

As for the show, I actually liked Linkin Park much more than I thought I would, although after sitting through the crap that came before them, any band worth it's salt would stand out with no problem.

Julien-K was boring, MOR rock-electronica, the kind that gets played on the radio once every five years and then disappears without a trace (God Lives Underwater and Gravity Kills say "hi"). Taking Back Sunday was all shouting, with nary a hook or melody to be had. My Chemical Romance was Queen without the payoff. Great show but nothing there. Only Placebo did anything to impress me, and their hits are very samey.

LP put on a fine show, at least what I saw of it. I left after 5 or 6 songs in order to beat the traffic home and start editing photos. They were engaging, and at least had some hooks for people to sing along to.

If you want more, be sure to check out Martin's review for DCist.

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